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If you received a weighted blanket for Christmas, we hope you slept like a baby last night! Many of you have suffered from insomnia and restlessness for years! Our hope is you have embarked on a new way of experiencing comfort and rest.

Honestly, it may take a few nights to get used to the weight and change old patterns. We recommend you try sleeping with your blanket for at least a week and in a few different ways to see how your body is best comforted.

Here's how:

1. Place the weighted blanket on top of your comforter, covering your whole body from chest to toes.
2. Use the weighted blanket on top of your sheet, with no comforter.
3. Place the weighted blanket on only the LOWER half of your body.
4. Place the weighted blanket on only the UPPER half of your body.

If you have a feeling of anxiety with the blanket on you, take a deep breath and remind yourself, "I can remove this blanket at any time." Some people find it takes several nights to adjust to the weight.

We'd love to hear how you position your blanket to find the most comfort.

Be Comforted,

Donna Durham, MMFT

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February 09, 2018

I have bad insomnia, been up all night now…interested in maybe getting a blanket, so sick of being awake most nights

Iris Graham
Iris Graham

January 01, 2018

My daughter wanted one for Christmas, well she got it, and is on a trip, so I’ve been using it for a week now. I love it and it covers me from head to toe. I sleep much deeper and no flip flopping and if I get up to go to bathroom I go right back to sleep, not normal for me, so it really works. It’s a true blessing for me. I’m 62 and have had trouble sleeping since I was 15 so thanks to all the wonderful people that make these amazing blankets.

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What Blanket Weight Should I Buy?

A general rule when purchasing a weighted blanket is taking your weight and multiplying it by .10, or taking 10% of your body weight. Using that number, follow the chart below to guide you in finding the perfect blanket!

100 - 130 lbs
Quilted Cotton 10 lb
Flannel 10 lb
CoolMax® 15 lb
140 - 170 lbs
Quilted Cotton 15 lb
Flannel 15 lb
CoolMax® 15 lb
180 - 200 lbs
Quilted Cotton 20 lb
Flannel 20 lb
CoolMax® 20 lb
220 + lbs
Quilted Cotton N / A
Flannel N / A
CoolMax® 25 lb


Fall in between two different weight limits for two blankets? We suggest going with the smaller of the two blanket weights.

Still not sure which size to buy? Most of our customers buy one of the 15-pound blankets.