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An Unlikely Friendship

Posted on 11 January 2018

What a privilege! That's what my heart keeps saying.

Last month we received a super fun interview request. Atlanta resident, Michele Hillegass, was accepted to a Public Radio Workshop here in Nashville. She's a self-proclaimed writer, dreamer, booty shaker, mom, multitasker, and producer. With a description like that, you KNOW we'd hit it off! She chose Weighting Comforts to be the subject of her project because she has loved the sound of the sewing machine since childhood and wanted to incorporate it into her story. After our initial phone interview, she decided to focus on the sisterly relationship that has developed between Anwar and myself. Anwar is the supervisor of our sewers at Weighting Comforts. She hires and trains all of our sewers, and manages their work.

Ours may seem like an unlikely friendship. Anwar is Muslim and from Iraq. I am a Christian and grew up here in the U.S. During the interview with Michele we realized that we had come to the same conclusions about each other. I believe Anwar is good and she believes the same about me. Before working with Anwar I was afraid of Muslim people. And she believed if you weren’t Muslim you do bad things. By working together we have realized that we are both strong women with a strong faith. We care deeply about other people and we want to help as many people as we can. We really like each other. We both like to laugh and focus on our families.

I think I've identified the privilege my heart keeps referring is I get to help refugee women provide for their families. And with that my personal worldview is growing and changing. I also feel privileged to be the subject of Michele's project. She said that she finds me inspiring. WOW! I love that. I hope I get to inspire other people to follow their dreams and be all they believe they can be!

Be Comforted!
Donna Durham, MMFT

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