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Frequently Asked Questions about Weighted Blankets


There’s a lot of questions that we get every week about our Weighted blankets, so we decided to do a little blog post about some of the most asked questions.

How Heavy Should My Weighted Blanket Be?

One guideline to follow is the blanket should be about 10 percent of your body weight. However, choosing the weight of the blanket is really about personal preference.

Weighting Comforts creates blankets for the people who struggle with sleeplessness and anxiety. We also know that the average person enjoys sleeping under a weighted blanket.

If you need the blanket for a medical reason we encourage you to consult a physician or an occupational therapist. We sell far more 15 pound blankets than any other weight.

For children it is important to use the guidelines suggested by occupational therapists, 10% of body weight plus 1 pound. This formula provides therapeutic benefits and protects the child from feeling “trapped” under a blanket. Weighting Comforts offers one size blanket ( 40”x 74”) in 10, 15, and 20 pound weights.

How Large Are Our Weighted Blankets?

Weighted blankets are a personal use blanket. Our blankets are 40” by 74” inches. They cover about the size of a twin bed.

We do not make full or queen size blankets because the weight would be “wasted on the bed”.  Ideally the blanket will cover from your chin to over your feet.

What is great about this is no one will steal your covers at night... They are all yours! But go ahead and order two,  because someone is going to WANT to steal Your covers.

Are Weighted Blankets Washer and Dryer Safe?

 When purchasing products for our family, one thing I don’t like is buying something that requires special care. We are all busy doing the best we can to care for our families, so having things that we have to remember special care instructions for is an interruption to our lives.  Our blanket has no special care instructions.

One of the most commonly asked questions our customers ask is

How do you wash a weighted blanket?

The answer is simple, “Throw it in the washer and dryer! Wash it separately in warm or cool water. You can throw a couple of towels in to prevent the washing machine from getting off balance. Then place the blanket in the dryer and  tumble dry on low.

Will the blanket make me too hot at night?

Our blankets are made from two different fabrics, Flannel or Quilt Fabric.

Flannel is a soft fabric that is commonly used to make children’s blankets. It is warm and tends to hold heat. We suggest that our customers that are “always cold” purchase a fabric made from flannel.

Quilt fabric is cooler to the touch than flannel. It is soft but not as soft as flannel. We suggest that our customers that get too hot at night or struggle with “hot flashes” order blankets made from quilt fabric.

We have received lots of testimonies, especially from menopausal women, that the quilt fabric blankets gives them the comforting weight they need to sleep deeper, but they do not get hot at night.


How does a weighted blanket help people with Autism?

A weighted blanket is a tool that helps many people with autism. Autism is a complex disorder. The weight of the blanket helps produce more serotonin in the system. Serotonin is our feel good hormone. Some of that serotonin becomes melatonin which the hormone that helps our bodies rest and go to sleep at night.

Weighted products seem to help children with autism feel more grounded and secure. When we feel grounded and secure we are able to focus better and function better.

How do weighted blankets help college students?

I love working with college students! It is common for college students to experience high levels of  anxiety. They may be away from home for the first time. They are adjusting to roommates and project deadlines. They are trying to figure out careers and meet the spouse of their dreams.

I remember using the blankets for the first time with my most anxious college aged clients.

An anxious person often has trouble sitting still. They fidget with their hands, bite their fingernails and often talk without taking a breath. I introduced my clients to the idea of using the weighted blankets in session. Most of them loved the weighted blankets.

The blankets helped them feel immediately calmer and and more relaxed. They were able to sit still and slow down their thoughts. Slowing their thoughts helps them experience their emotions more clearly. When people experience their emotions their anxiety is reduced.

REDUCING ANXIETY IS LIFE CHANGING!! I saw weighted blankets change lives right in front of my eyes.

How do Weighted Blankets help Veterans?

Veterans are amazing people. They have literally given their lives to serving their country and protecting the lives of its citizens.

Veterans often return from service with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder develops in some people who have seen or lived through a shocking,scary, or dangerous situation.

The disorder is characterized by feeling stressed or frightened even when the person is no longer in danger. Nightmares and terrors are often symptoms that veterans experience.

Recently Weighting Comforts received a testimony about a veteran who was struggling with nightmares. He started using a weighted blanket and the nightmares ended that very night! We are so thankful that our weighted blanket helped this soldier.

We hope that this helps answer some of your questions. If not hit the Contact  button above to email us with your questions and we’ll be happy to answer them.


Donna Durham - Founder of Weighting Comforts

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June 25, 2018


Jayne Davenport
Jayne Davenport

June 20, 2018

Why haven’t the majority of the questions not been answered for the rest of us to see, as most are good question we all should be able to have answered. I would like to know if the blanket makes the user hot? It seems it would over heat a person who is already hot by nature. I’d actually like for those already using the blanket to answer this question.

lauren mcgregor
lauren mcgregor

June 05, 2018

What would my doctor need to write on a script for a weighted blanket? Would they need the weight requirements? Asking for my autistic daughter.


March 11, 2018

Are weighted blankets suitable for M E sufferers?

Weighting Comforts
Weighting Comforts

February 19, 2018

ck – our blankets can be used for side sleepers!

Weighting Comforts
Weighting Comforts

February 19, 2018

Debi – Our blankets are weighted by the filler. We used FDA approved PVC pellets that are BPA free.


February 19, 2018

Frank – I would check with your doctor before using a weighted blanket!

Shirley D Bagwell
Shirley D Bagwell

February 17, 2018

I bought two for my granddaughters Christmas presents. Why on earth are they so expensive???

Dianna hallahan
Dianna hallahan

February 10, 2018

Cost very expensive


February 09, 2018

Can weighted blankets be used by “side” sleepers?

Theresa Crisanti
Theresa Crisanti

February 07, 2018

are weighted blankets safe for people with pacemakers?


January 26, 2018

What makes your blankets heavy ? Is it just the amount of the filler in the middle or is there another “something ?” Curious . Thank you

Frank King
Frank King

January 23, 2018

Are your weighted blankets usable if you have an implanted pacemaker-difibulator?

Linda Engel
Linda Engel

October 26, 2017

Have you had any troubles with the beads coming out?

Anabelle lassiter
Anabelle lassiter

June 06, 2017

You say you have larger blankets 40×74 that fit a twin bed. I have not been able to locate any on your website. I have the smaller one that is the size of a throw but wanted larger

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What Blanket Weight Should I Buy?

A general rule when purchasing a weighted blanket is taking your weight and multiplying it by .10, or taking 10% of your body weight. Using that number, follow the chart below to guide you in finding the perfect blanket!

100 - 130 lbs
Quilted Cotton 10 lb
Flannel 10 lb
CoolMax® 15 lb
140 - 170 lbs
Quilted Cotton 15 lb
Flannel 15 lb
CoolMax® 15 lb
180 - 200 lbs
Quilted Cotton 20 lb
Flannel 20 lb
CoolMax® 20 lb
220 + lbs
Quilted Cotton N / A
Flannel N / A
CoolMax® 25 lb


Fall in between two different weight limits for two blankets? We suggest going with the smaller of the two blanket weights.

Still not sure which size to buy? Most of our customers buy one of the 15-pound blankets.