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Brene Brown opens Chapter 6 of her book Braving The Wilderness with these words, “We’re in a spiritual crisis, and the key to building a true belonging practice is maintaining our belief in inextricable human connection. That connection - the belief that spirit flows between us and every human in the world - is not something that can be broken."

When I read these words I immediately think of Jamey, my husband. Through so many ups and downs this year, I find great comfort that I can call his presence to mind and remember that I am not alone.

Last summer I was returning home after a hard doctors visit with my mom. A friend asked me, what will you do to care for yourself after a day like today. “Snuggle” I responded. One of the most effective self-care practices I have is to sit on the couch and lean on Jamey.

I walked in the door that afternoon, he knew my day had been hard.

As I passed his office he yelled out, “I’m here to snuggle when you need me.” I loved it! He knows and I know we are connected, spiritually connected. Of course, that connection between husband and wife is unique.

As individuals, we also have a spiritual connection with every person in the world. We are human. We want belonging and connection. We want to laugh and cry with someone else.

When have you felt that or seen that?

Working with Refugees at Weighting Comforts has taught me so much about human connection. We have employees from all over the world, The Middle East, Myanmar, and South America. Often when we have parties everyone has their phones out videoing the event and posting on social media to share with their friends here and abroad. It has been such a normalizer for me. I use to be afraid of people who dressed vastly different from me or practiced a different religion. But now I see we are much more alike than we are different.

Last week I received a text from a friend asking to have coffee that day. Who doesn’t love to be invited to coffee? When we met she told me she had woken up feeling alone in the world. And then remembered that she isn’t alone and reached out. I LOVE THAT!

These are just a few ways that I get to experience human connection in this world. How do you experience connection?

Be Comforted,

Donna Durham, MMFT

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Penny Fong
Penny Fong

February 14, 2018

Using my new weighted Coolmax blanket has been absolutely wonderful. I am sleeping better and wake up feeling more rested than I have in a long time. I also bought a second blanket for travelling. I fall asleep quicker and I feel like I am calming down and relaxing sooner in the evening.

Ann G
Ann G

February 12, 2018

I have 2 weighting comfort blankets….they wash beautifully! Not sure I would ever want to try sleeping without one
ever again! Try just putting over your feet, if needed. The blanket still provides the added security!

Kenny Beam
Kenny Beam

February 08, 2018

A smile. A word of affirmation. Maybe even a little criticism from someone who cares? The little things that remind us that we are not alone in our journey through this world. For me it is knowing that no matter what happens, I have a God who loves me, in spite of my shortcomings. Snuggling is good too.

BTW, the lap pad and blanket Christmas presents were greatly appreciated! Thank you for enriching the lives of all those wonderful people who work for you.

Iris Graham
Iris Graham

February 08, 2018

I love my blanket, it does give me some sense of security and a calming I can’t explain. My daughter is also enjoying her blanket and we are forever grateful to you and all your employees and you are a blessing to us.

Phyllis Good
Phyllis Good

February 08, 2018

Lovely human contact is so important. My snuggle man is in a nursing home suffering with dementia. I have never felt so alone. I am going to get my blanket in a week, had it delivered to my daughter’s house, am really hoping it brings me some comfort. Don’t forget to pass on a smile to someone today!!

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