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This time last year I had just closed my therapy practice and was super excited to see what being a full time business owner would be like. I was sad to end counseling with my clients but I knew inside I couldn’t keep doing both.


2018 was hard, like way harder than I expected. It really tested me and made me question if I actually belong in the business world at all. We made mistakes with ordering, personnel, production and marketing. The past 6 months have weighed on me like a thousand weighted blankets. ;)


But no year is just its mistakes. It is also full of successes.


This past year we provided the dignity of employment for over 60 people. Our blankets comforted thousands and thousands of people. Josh was named the NEXT Awards Young Entrepreneur of the Year for 2018. The next week he was honored by Forbes Magazine as a 30 under 30 in the Social Enterprise category. I am so proud of him!


And me? I am growing. I’m a fan of Rachel Hollis (have you read “Girl Wash Your Face?"). She says, "Don’t you dare compare your beginning to someone else’s middle!” I am a beginning business owner. I have so much to learn. AND I will have compassion on myself. I will give myself permission to be at my beginning. I will give myself time to learn. I will ask people for help. In 2019, I will take my own advice and be more intentional in caring for myself. I will love myself as I love others. I will rest more, and love more. I will give myself time to become more of who I am.


Who were you a year ago?

What was 2018 like for you?

Who are you becoming now?




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Ivonne Shay
Ivonne Shay

January 01, 2019

In 2018 your company made an impact on a 16 year old young lady with Autism. She is now the proud owner of 2 weighted blankets. I cannot say Thank You enough.


January 01, 2019

Life was a challenge in 2018, and I anticipate 2019 to be the same. My husband of 40 years has early-onset Alzheimer’s. It breaks my heart to see his struggles. This is not the way I thought our retirement old be, but it is what it is. We’re on this journey together. I’m grateful he is with me. He sleeps every night with the weighted blanket, and it helps with keeping him calm. My goal for the new year is to learn to let things go, not to focus on what he can no longer do, but what he can do.

Thanks for “listening”. Shalom.


January 01, 2019

This time last year I had just finished my teacher licensure program that I started a year and a half earlier. I was getting ready to embark on the next adventure of applying for teaching positions within our school district so that I could stay an the same schedule as my children. The year started on a high with this accomplishment and dreams of what my future job and classroom would be like. In 2018, I was hired in our school district and at the school where my kids went and my husband and I volunteered many hours. Within two months my position changed from kindergarten to first grade and my focus had to shift and I felt behind with the summer clock ticking very loudly all the way to the end of July. At the beginning of August, the end of the summer, I was embarking on a new job position, my daughter was diagnosed with anxiety and depression and we were starting down the path of therapy for her, our son was beginning high school and life was moving fast for everyone. It was Thanksgiving before I felt like I had my feet under me and was trying to limit my time at school to focus more on my family. My goal for 2019 is to be more available and present with my family and my children. I still see extra hours each day and week between now and the end of the school year, but I feel that next year will start with a feeling of being prepared and ready to start the school year with a new group of students. My goal for my family is to be better prepared with tools to help our daughter through her “funks” and feel more comfortable to help her walk through her senior year and prepare for what will come after high school for her. I still think our family has some tough skeletons to face to help her to be able to face her anxiety and depression each day successfully and that it will become easier for her so that when she leaves home to embark on her own life she will be able to succeed and attack challenges without falling into her “funks”.


January 01, 2019

Beautiful words of encouragement!
I am much older but at times feel I am at the beginning. Old parent but new to ASD issues. I have adult children as well as a preteen. Be gentle with myself and others is my intention for the new year.

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