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  • Donna Durham's Anxiety Relief eCourse

Donna Durham's Anxiety Relief eCourse

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If you’re wanting to get out of the anxiety loop, you need to learn this toolbox of interpersonal strategies to live a peaceful and empowered life.

Learn from Marriage and Family Therapist Donna Durham, as she walks you through the proven strategies to Anxiety Relief.

Training Length: 90 Minutes

In this course you will learn: 

  • A Self Assessment to score the level of your anxiety
  • To Improve Focus and Sense of Calm with 4 Mindfulness Techniques
  • How to Reduce Anxiety by Feeling your Feelings (Learn the 8 Core Feelings)
  • The Breathing Technique To Use in Challenging Situations.
  • To Prevent Panic by Creating Your Own Personal Panic Map.
  • 10 Ways to Comfort Yourself With Self Care.
  • To Empower Your Life With Strong Personal Boundaries.
  • The 6 Actionable Strategies To Improve Sleep and Rest Tonight.
  • To Live within Margin Giving Yourself the Gift of Time.
  • To Notice Self Talk- Changing Your Internal conversation.

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