Travel Size Weighted Blanket

Size Guide

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The Travel Size Weighted Blanket (formerly titled 'Lap Pad') is perfect for anyone who struggles with anxiety at work, school, on airplanes, or during travel of any kind. Simply lay your lap pad on your lap or chest and it will help ground and soothe you in stressful situations.

This 5lb blanket (26''x 21'') is a perfect complement to your full size Weighted Blanket, and is convenient for traveling.

    • Made from 100% cotton fabric
    • Sewn by refugees in the U.S.
    • Machine washable
    • 5 lb weight
    • 26''x 21''
What Blanket Weight Should I Buy?

A general rule when purchasing a weighted blanket is taking your weight and multiplying it by .10, or taking 10% of your body weight. Using that number, follow the chart below to guide you in finding the perfect blanket!

100 - 130 lbs
Quilted Cotton 10 lb
Flannel 10 lb
CoolMax® 15 lb
140 - 170 lbs
Quilted Cotton 15 lb
Flannel 15 lb
CoolMax® 15 lb
180 - 200 lbs
Quilted Cotton 20 lb
Flannel 20 lb
CoolMax® 20 lb
220 + lbs
Quilted Cotton N / A
Flannel N / A
CoolMax® 25 lb


Fall in between two different weight limits for two blankets? We suggest going with the smaller of the two blanket weights.

Still not sure which size to buy? Most of our customers buy one of the 15-pound blankets.